What you Need to Know About Lemon Law

Lemon Law is a term that refers to the U.S state laws that provide a remedy to people who have bought cars together with other goods that have repeatedly failed to meet performance, quality and safety standards. The simple and basic definition of lemon law is a type of law that allows consumers of a product to receive a refund or a replacement if the product is defective and the manufacture of the product cannot repair within a reasonable specified time.

Things that are Covered by the Lemon Law

In most places or states lemon law only covers for vehicles. In places such as California (a state in the U.S.A), the lemon law can cover for goods from trucks and cars to wheelchairs, boats, personal computers and also grand pianos. There is a portion of the Californian law, however, that gives special treatment to cars and also the chassis portion of motor homes. A California lemon law attorney can help you when you have a problem that requires the need for a lemon law attorney.

Lemon Law Requirements

It is not in all situations that you apply lemon Laws. This is because for a Lemon law to apply the main problems with your vehicle must happen when the car is under warranty. The warranty also does not have to be of a new car. For the lemon law to be valid, the warranty could be for a limited warranty that came with the used car.  Some of the requirements for the federal law include the following:

  • Any attempts in fixing the problems with the car must happen within the first or second year you owned the vehicle.
  • You are unable to use the car due to repair problems for at least 30 days.
  • The manufacturer of the car has tried to fix the problem with your vehicle a reasonable number of times (this might be three or four times) without any success in fixing the car.
  • The lemon law can be valid for your vehicle if you have had different problems with the same car that have made the car unusable.

Issues with Warranty

You may wonder if your vehicle can be covered for if you are out of warranty? If you are out of warranty, don’t panic despite many dealers telling you that you are out of luck. This is because that might not be true.  If by any chance you took your vehicle to be fixed for a problem during the period of the warranty and the car did not get fixed, then the warranty can be extended by law to cover that defect. If you have any questions concerning the warranty of a vehicle, then consult an experienced California lemon law attorney to help you with your problem.

Tips to keep in mind concerning lemon law

If you are interested in getting any results under a new or used car lemon law, then it is important you take your car or vehicle to the dealership of that car for repairs. If our take the vehicle to other mechanics you may fail to get any lemon law cover for your vehicle. Also, it is important you keep detailed records of every repair for your vehicle. This will come in handy if the case goes to court and you are asked to show any records concerning the repair of your vehicle.

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