What Different Types of Traffic Offences?

Usually, traffic violations are split into two categories and those are parking violations and moving violations. The moving type of violation is the more serious crime of the two, carries harsher penalties, and happens whilst a vehicle is in motion. Of this type of traffic violation, and as you may already know, speeding is the one which is the most common. And should the driver’s manner of speeding be also posing any type of threat to the lives of others, either pedestrians or other road users, he or she may can be charged with the crime of reckless driving.

Driving any vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol are also deemed illegal, as is driving a vehicle that is in an unsafe condition, such as having a broken windshield. Also, in Australia, using a cell phone while driving is unlawful unless it is of a hands-free type and the requirement to use a child safety seat for small children and failing to fasten a seat belt. An experienced and professional traffic lawyer in Perth should be consulted for advice on what can be lawfully carried out with regards to all types of charges.

Some Common Traffic Offences

Although traffic violations can slightly vary from state to state, here is a list of some common offences:

  • Parking illegally.
  • Running through a red light.
  • Conducting an illegal turn by turning against a light or against a sign post.
  • Taking the right-of-way when it’s not yours to take.
  • Changing lanes without using the use of an indicator.
  • Driving without proper functioning turn signals and other lights.
  • Driving at night without any headlights.
  • Transporting an oversized load in a dangerous manner.
  • Colliding into another vehicle, be it parked or moving.

Fines and Points System

Should drivers get a ticket with a moving traffic offence, it will count as demerit points against their safety record. Too many demerit points over a set period of time will considerably raise the driver’s insurance premium and can even cause an insurance company to drop the driver or even result in the suspension of a driver’s license.

In Australia, booklets are provided that assist in educating drivers prior to a license being issued. Potential drivers will have to also pass a written driving test to obtain their license and things such as driving school are a good option and idea for learner drivers.

These Fines are Not Fine!

Fines for moving violations are hefty, especially with regards to matters of vehicular manslaughter, and can mean time spent in prison. For lesser offences, an offender will usually be fined or banned from driving over a period of time. Australians have become used to, and commonly support, sensible driving laws. These have come as a result of high road death tolls and injuries occurring on Australian roads due to speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you find yourself in need of a legal professional regarding an offence, it’s more than a good idea to consult a legal professional.

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