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What Are The Common Mistakes You Should Avoid In Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Cases

Slipping and falling are the most common types of accidents that occur with anyone. If you trip, slip or fall in a public place, you can get injured and harm yourself. When these types of accidents are due to someone else’s negligence and fault, you can file a report for the accident and claim for the compensation. You can even hire an accident attorney if your injuries are too severe. But before you proceed there are some common mistakes that you must avoid making.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Right after the accident, you must file a legal report for the accident caused. But mostly people forget to ask for the copy of that report. Just reporting a complaint isn’t enough, you must also have evidence that you have filled out a report.
  • For your slip and fall claim to be successful, you will need to prove your damage and liability against the defender. For this, you will need evidence like statements from the witnesses who will testify how the accident occurred. You need to talk to every person that seems knowledgeable about the incident and record their contacts and statements.
  • Never hesitate in gathering maximum amount of proof against the defender. Taking photos and videos of the accident scene and your injuries is very important to prove that the owner was negligent.
  • In case of minor accidents, people avoid seeking medical attention. There may be some minor injury that can complicate later and affect your health. If there is a major injury, you must always follow what the doctor says. This way you can win your case and get maximum amount of compensation for your loss. You can use all the medical records, bills and expenses against the defender in your claim.
  • There are many cases when people apologize and accept that it is there fault that they are injured. Never apologize for the accident or it may damage your slip, trip and fall case. You must quickly go the property owner and report the incident.

Never Avoid Hiring a Lawyer

A slip and fall accident lawyer is your most powerful weapon in the case. They will not only help you with all the legal procedures but will also help you get maximum compensation that you are entitled to. You can hire Belluck & Fox, LLP in New York for reliable and efficient consultation. If the insurance company is handing you over the compensation, it is always advisable to first speak to an accident lawyer and then accept it. You can visit for more information.

Many people might not recognize the fair amount of compensation that they deserve. Depending on the severity of your injuries, the lawyer will make sure that you are treated fairly. They will also help you gather evidence that proves that it was the gross negligence of the property owner by which the accident took place and you got injured. Be smart and never avoid seeing an accident attorney before you make any decision in your slip and fall case.

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