Up-to-Date Facts about Divorce and Family Law Across Australia

At the crux of Australia’s family law niche, you’ll obviously find sanctioned marriage proceedings that unite two individuals irrespective of their sexual orientation, but it’s important to note that you’ll also find something called a de facto relationship.

The essential principles and norms that govern these two family law facets can be quite multifarious and byzantine because there are a virtually interminable number of critical elements in play when these relationships reach a precipice and ultimately dissolve in the eyes of the court, so let’s assess the realities that you have to be acquainted with.

Tackling Australia’s Divorce Landscape from a Diagnostic Standpoint

Our country’s divorce rate has oscillated fairly significantly since the first accurate figures became available in 1959, but here’s a bird’s eye view of divorce in light of the latest data:

  • The composition of the average Australian household has changed considerably over the past few generations. It is believed that there are more than 1.5 million legally recognised de facto relationships spread throughout our country, and these increasingly prominent co-habitation situations are eligible for the same privileges and entitlements as customarily married couples.
  • The aggregate number of couples living together without being married has increased from about 15% in 1976 to nearly 81% in today’s day and age, which rationalises why the frequency of traditional weddings has declined by almost 60% during the same span.
  • During the last 12 months, we’ve seen nearly 125,000 marital unions and nearly 50,000 divorces, but figures regarding the dissolution of de facto relationships are hard to come across, even with regard to non-married couples that have children.
  • As such, analysts estimate that the regularity of divorce, which has actually waned substantially over the years, is off-centre due to the unreported instances of de facto relationship splits. If these situations were correctly compiled and amalgamated into the Australian divorce rate, the current rate of two divorces per 1,000 citizens would be markedly higher.

If you are married and heading for divorce or if you are in a de facto relationship and careening towards a split-up, you have to get in touch with your local Sydney CBD family lawyers for inclusive advocacy.

The Characteristics of Marriage and De Facto Relationships That You Must Know

The loss of love and concomitant stress associated with a split might seem like the most pressing and sensitive issues that you’ll have to deal with, but this notion is mired in misinformation. As taxing as the interpersonal aspects can be, there are a host of additional concepts that must be addressed along the way:

  • The legalities involved with divorce litigation and dissolution of the marriage
  • Generating fair and balanced child support obligations
  • Producing spousal maintenance agreements that uphold each party’s lifestyle
  • The separation and partitioning of personal assets and owned properties
  • Appropriating parenting and guardianship schedules
  • Alternative subjects that arise from case to case

If you coordinate a meeting with your local family law attorneys, you’ll be able to understand your rights, care for your children, and continue living confidently without having to worry about adverse complications following a break-up, so don’t turn a blind eye to professional legal support during a divorce or de facto separation.

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