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Signs It Might Be Time to Turn to a Legal Recruiter

Are you a new lawyer looking for your first position or have you been practicing a while and want to expand your knowledge – or simply want a change? If you have been looking for a job and not finding what you want, it may be time to get professional help. A legal recruiter can help you navigate the job-search process so that you can find the firms and open positions that suit you best.

Legal headhunters make the placement of lawyers and other legal professionals at law firms their business – they know the market, which firms are hiring, and what those firms are looking for. Law firms often register with recruiters to find new candidates for employment, particularly those headhunting agencies that have a great reputation in the industry like The Heller Group, a legal recruiting firm based out of Toronto, Ontario. This agency has a proven track record of connecting exceptional lawyers with exceptional firms, leaving all parties satisfied at the end of the day. Legal recruiters at the Heller Group in Toronto work tirelessly to research candidates and firms in order to recommend the best fit for establishments, thereby ensuring the success of the hire. They can narrow down the geographical area and compensation data for prospective hires, as well as prepare potential candidates for their interviews so that they place their best foot forward on the day of their real interview.

Professional recruiters want you to be happy just as much as they want law firms to be satisfied with their new employees. You can specify preferred working hours as well as where you hope to work, such as Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.You can also specify which specialty you prefer, for example Estate Planning, Family Law, Business, Financial or many other areas of interest or specialty. A legal recruiter will work with you to match your preferences to current openings and help you find jobs and firms that meet your criteria. They can also help you create a professional resume to offer to firms looking to hire someone with your qualifications, so even if you’ve been out of the job market for a while, you’ll stand out to employers. They will then present your educational data and experience, special interests, and other information to companies seeking candidates.

Take your time and research what you want in a job before you agree to anything. If you know the name of a headhunting agency, you can check them online to ensure they have a stellar reputation and have mostly satisfied customers. Please be sure to check any company before you agree to work with them or sign any documents. Check the Better Business Bureau for information as well for references. Unfortunately, not every company in the world has a stellar reputation or operates in an ethical manner. Ask people in the legal community that you know for a recommendation and check with your college for their input. The right legal recruiter will work on your behalf to simplify the process and make sure you understand your rights and help you find the best fit for you and the law firm.

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