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Reasons Why a Will Should be Completed Professionally

As time moves on, we don’t really bother to think much about some issues, and often such issues are of a major importance to loved ones, family and friends. However, every single day we hear of people experiencing the devastating effects of sadly losing somebody unawares, which then becomes more difficult by the deceased having no will in place. Let’s have a look at some things to keep in mind and consider, should you not het have a professionally prepared will:

  • Who will inherit what? If you have no will prepared it means that the government then gets to choose who will, and won’t inherit your assets based on the Law of Intestacy. Most folk really don’t want to leave their estate to someone, they have not chosen.
  • Guardianship of children – Arrangement of a legal guardian is a crucially important choice to be made, and without the benefits of a will, the authorities can decide for a legal guardian to take care of your children should you die. This means that loved ones can end up with people you would never have selected to look after them, and cause much distress to your children, and other family members, who may have been expecting to take care of them. This happens daily and should be seriously avoided.
  • Inheritance Tax- Is there one person alive who wants to pay one penny more than they do already to the taxman?! With a written will in place, you can choose to lower the amount of inheritance tax you pay, if not totally eliminating all of it.
  • Funeral Preparations – Without a will, the charges of arranging a funeral will be given over to a family member or friends to pay for in advance. This can then be claimed back from the estate if there is any money left in it, otherwise the friend or relative might not be able to recover the costs.
  • Donating to Charity – If you have any wish to leave any money to a charity or organisation, this becomes impossible because nothing is in place to specify your desires.

These are some of the reasons why you should professionally prepare a will instead of leaving everything to chance, and the above are a few of the basics. There are options out there, whereas you can simply write your own will or employ qualified will writers in Hampshire, to expertly do it for you. Let’s have a quick look at the advantages of using the professionals:

Skill and Experience

It is in your best interests to use a professional service, as has been seen many times in the past, that even a slight error when dealing with such matters, can cause total disarray and end up in expensive and unnecessary legal battles, and nobody needs that.

Special Peace of Mind

If you wish for the very best for your family, relatives and friends, when the time comes, you really put things in order before anything might happen. After doing so, it will remove any concerns regarding all such matters.

Do the right thing for you and your loved ones.

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