Organising Parenting Orders When the Marriage Ends

The ugly truth is that a lot of marriages actually end in divorce, but you can make the whole situation a little easier on you and on your children if you and your partner can work things out together. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often. Many times, a marriage ends, and the two parties just aren’t able to agree on anything. That’s when you need someone else to step in and help you with resolving things like parenting orders.

What Is Your Parenting Order?

Your parenting order is going to dictate who has custody of your children at any given time. You want to make sure that you organise the times as efficiently as you can, and, depending on the situation for your divorce, you may need to be very specific. In some divorces you and your ex-partner may be able to make agreements that are more general, which will give you more freedom to make changes as you go along. This is great if you and your ex are able to communicate effectively and make sure that your children always come first in your interactions.

If you and your ex-partner aren’t able to make decisions as a unit or aren’t able to agree on parenting time and schedules, you may need to work things out more specifically with the courts. You may need to narrow down when each person is going to be responsible for the children and even what times you should pick them up or drop them off. If there are problems between you and your partner, you may want to even arrange for a neutral location or even supervision for the drop-offs. Your family lawyers in Adelaide can help with this.

Following It Through

Once you and your partner agree to a parenting order, and it’s signed off on by the court, you are required to follow through with it. If one parent doesn’t want to exercise their rights under the parenting order, that’s allowed, but it’s crucial that you allow each parent to see their child during their scheduled times. Not doing so is a breach of the order and could result in legal action. That’s definitely not something that you’re going to want. Working out exactly what you want and what you think is best will be the best way to go about it from the start.

Talk with your lawyer to find out what you should be doing and how you can get the agreement that you like best. It’s going to require both you and your ex to set the order unless the court believes that there is a reason that they should intervene or that the two of you are not able to make an agreement. In those cases, the court will take a look at the situation, and that’s when you want to make sure that you get your view heard and that your child’s best interests are definitely being considered. There are a number of different situations that could happen with your case, so make sure that you have a lawyer who is on your side.

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