Injured In A Slip And Fall? Call A Personal Injury Lawyer

Let’s say you are at a busy shopping mall and fail to notice water pooled on the floor: the floor is slick, and mixed with the pooled water on the ground it causes you to slip and fall, breaking a leg. Or perhaps you’re out running errands at the post office and don’t notice a patch of ice at the side door, which causes you to fall and hit your head hard on the ground. What should you do? Do you need a slip and fall lawyer or should you just manage it yourself? The bottom line is that a legal professional can help you get the results you deserve.

The law can be difficult to navigate with these types of claims: experienced slip and fall lawyers in Toronto, well versed in the ins-and-outs of slip and fall claims, can easily be the difference between no compensation and a substantial settlement.

Here are some tips as to what to do immediately after a slip and fall. Not only will these tips help protect you, but they will help your advocate who will work hard for your rights.

→ Get medical attention – Not all slip and fall accidents are easy to recover from. If you’re seriously injured and cannot move, have someone call on your behalf for help. Be sure to stay still and let a professional medical staff lift you up properly so as not to injure yourself further.

→ Inspect the area – If you can, inspect the area where you fell to understand what caused the fall. Was it water, ice or oil? Was it an uneven floorboard or sidewalk? Were there signs in the area telling people to be careful or warning them? Was anything put up to obstruct walking that way? These are all important questions that a lawyer will ask you. If you can’t inspect the area yourself, ask a friend to do it as close to the occurrence as possible.

→ Take pictures – Take pictures of the scene as proof, particularly if you see anything out of the ordinary. A picture of an unattended open paint can and spilled paint near it on a store floor, for example, can be proof that workers did not immediately take care of an issue.

→ Try to get witnesses if possible – Your lawyer may find it helpful to speak to other people about the incident. If you can, ask for names and numbers of anyone who may have seen the slip and fall, or anyone who came to your assistance. Likely, if there were witnesses present at your fall, they saw the possible negligence too and can present valuable information on your behalf if needed.

→ Leave the professionals to manage the details. As long as you carefully note and gather information about what happened, your slip and fall lawyer will be able to review the case. Remember that getting the appropriate benefits or compensation heavily depends on having the right trained legal professional by your side. You are much more likely to walk away satisfied with an advocate on your side working for you.

Managing a slip and fall is possible, but it necessitates quick action, thorough evidence gathering and the appropriate attorney to handle the details. Be sure to follow the above checklist to ensure that you have the best chances of legal satisfaction.

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