Frequently Asked Questions on Careers in Law

In case you want to start a career in a legal practice, there are some questions that are probably troubling your mind. You need to know why you should choose this or if you have the skills needed to be successful in this field. Perhaps you also want to know the average lawyer salary to ensure that it will not only be fulfilling but also lucrative.

Why Do I Need to Choose Careers in Law?

We discourage you from pursuing careers in law due to the glamour and its exclusivity; you need to have a strong passion to become a lawyer. Start by asking yourself if you find this field interesting and what particular aspect of law interest you. The only way to find out if this is the ideal field for you is to get some work experience in the industry of legal profession.

What Strengths and Qualities Are Needed to Be a Great Lawyer?

There are several core skills needed to become a competitive lawyer. Most of the skills needed for the legal practice can be honed during your academic years and also by completing some work experience. Some of the qualities that the legal recruiters normally prefer include communication skill, commercial awareness, accuracy, leadership, teamwork, intellectual ability, motivation, and resilience. On the off chance that you possess a majority of these skills, then starting careers in law may be a great option.

Is it Important to Have an Excellent Grades on A Level?

The legal practice is an intellectually demanding industry. You will need to possess the intellectual ability needed to meet this demand. You will be able to showcase this ability through the grades of your university or academics subjects. Furthermore, in order to become a qualified apprentice for a solicitor or legal entrepreneurs, you should have 3 subjects on A Level with grades A-C.

Should I Apply for Apprenticeship or Enrol on a University?

For the last couple of years, the chance to work for apprenticeship has become a great option. There are some firms who are taking leavers to work on their paralegal department. Some people really consider this option rather than pursuing a degree in the university. Some people may choose apprenticeship on the legal practice due to their financial reasons. Those who prefer to receive education through vocational training should also consider apprenticeship.

How Do I Enhance My Work Experience?

As we mentioned above, apprenticeship is a great way to get work experience. However, you should not be limited with this scheme. You will also be able to do shadowing for the associate or trainee by sending a letter to a legal entrepreneur or law firm that you are interested to. Pro bono scheme may also be offered by the legal centres and universities. Initially, you will be involved in answering phones and stuffing envelopes, but it can be a great introduction on the legal practice.

Fortunately, by answering some of the questions we mentioned above, we were able to clear out some misconceptions and concerns that you have in your mind regarding the careers in law.

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