Five Tips for Immigrating to the United Kingdom

With turmoil in many parts of the world, some people are thinking about moving to the United Kingdom as a safe haven for themselves or their families. With many aspects of Brexit still being undecided, now could be a good time to consider a move to the UK before leaving the European Union complicates the immigration process. Here are five tips on moving and seeking citizenship in the UK.

Get National Insurance Number

If you intend on being employed in the UK, you will need to have a national insurance number (NI). This number allows the government to track how much you pay in taxes and contributions. If you were given a biometric residence permit, then your NI will be on the back of the card. Otherwise, you need to call and apply for a NI.

Find Housing

Housing is expensive in the UK, especially in and around cities such as London. However, before you can be granted permission to stay in the country and eventually become a citizen, you will need a place to live. Many city dwellers share flats to cut expenses and there are many ways to find flats with a room to let. If you have friends in the UK or you decided to move there because you met someone special online, then you may already have a place to stay, which is an important step in becoming a citizen.

Open a Bank Account

It used to be difficult for non-citizens to open a bank account in the UK but it’s much easier to do now. You will need an address based in the UK and a way to confirm your identity, such as a passport. Also, you will need some sort of official letter sent to your address as proof that you really do live there. A utility bill, a statement from your previous bank, or confirmation of your enrolment in a university would be good official letters to use.

Get a Job

Having an income coming in is important to getting citizenship in most countries, including the UK. If you have certain skills, such as those of an engineer, a scientist, a chef, or even a ballet dancer, you can probably find work right away as these are in-demand jobs. However, there is always large turnover in the hospitality and retail industries so you may be able to get at least a temporary job in a pub, hotel, or shop.

Start a Business

Another good way to quickly get citizenship is to start a business in the UK. You will want to retain a lawyer, such as one of the best immigration solicitors in London, to help you get the documents that you need to start a business. They can also help you fulfil the requirements of starting a business, which includes naming the company, deciding on the type of company, and getting other things in order.

If you have a way to support yourself already, then immigrating to another country such as the UK is easier to do.

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