4 Expert Witnesses that can be Helpful in your Personal Injury Claim

It is often challenging to get an intelligent evaluation of various facts in a personal injury lawsuit that lacks the application of some scientific, technical or otherwise specialized knowledge. Just like the plaintiff needs an experienced lawyer to guide him or her through the process recourse, the jury or judge often requires an expert in a complicated field to point them to the right direction – an expert witness.

In most personal injury lawsuits, both the defense and plaintiff sides are allowed to use expert witnesses to explain some issues that an average judge or member of the jury may not fully understand in what’s referred to as ‘expert testimony.’ Depending on the kind of personal injury lawsuit, sometimes the law can require that a plaintiff use expert witnesses to testify as to specific aspects of their claim. According to El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, the following are the expert witnesses that can be helpful to your personal injury lawsuit.

1. Vocational or economic experts

In case you missed work because you were injured, then you are entitled to lows wages compensation. Whether you work on an hourly basis or have a salaried position, it’s easy for your employer to calculate and pay for the lost wages.

However, if you have an irregular wage, an economist may be required to calculate the amount of lost wages and estimate the possible future income loss. Such an expert can testify perfectly for your damaged income generation capacity or the possible inability to continue with your career because of the accident.

2. Accident reconstruction

If it’s not clear which driver was at-fault at the time of the crash, a certified accident reconstruction expert can help. The expert has experience and knowledge to evaluate an accident scene from a scientific standpoint, determine how fast the two vehicles were moving, which ways each of the vehicles were moving at the moment of the impact, the location of each vehicle in relation to the other, the momentum, and the stopping distance of the vehicles.

3. Commercial trucking professionals

This is an example of an expert witness who specializes in a larger field. Though an accident reconstruction expert works majorly on car accidents, there is no doubt that truck accidents vary and require a specialized expert. Therefore, it’s recommended to work with a commercial trucking expert who can reconstruct an accident involving a commercial truck and also understands the laws and regulations surrounding them.

4. Healthcare professionals

Determining the medical costs associated with the treatment for the injuries you sustained during the accident is easy as they have been billed. However, the determination of future medical expenses associated with the injuries isn’t an easy task. This is where a healthcare expert is necessary. The professional can estimate how permanent the injury is likely to be, what future medical procedures are likely to be needed and the overall expenses.

Using an expert witness in your personal injury lawsuit can be a very powerful persuasive and explanatory tool.

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