Family Law 

Factors to be considered during the determination of Child Custody 

“Who will get custody of our kids, me or my ex-spouse? This is a million-dollar question every parent involved in a child custody fight wants to know. Though it is impossible to predict how the judge is likely to rule in your case, one thing is sure: the judge has a single goal in mind – determining your kids’ best interests. Well, nearly every parent finds this legal jargon a little bit confusing. Who doesn’t want what’s best for their little angels? But in most contested child custody cases, it…

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Legal Services 

The Complications Of Train Accidents And Why You Must Settle On A Specialized Attorney

Unlike common assumptions, train accidents in the United States occur more frequently than most people anticipate and generally result in severe fatalities. These massive pieces of machinery are by their sheer build and weight designed for exceptional performance in demanding environments, and any accident with other road users is always disastrous. It is primarily why trains have dedicated rail tracks that are separated from the main roads whenever possible. However, there still remain lots of points where these tracks pass through major roads, and this is primarily in railroad crossing…

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Facing a Criminal Charge? Find the Best Attorney to Represent You Today

Finding yourself facing serious criminal charges can be one of the most unsettling and emotionally overwhelming moments in anyone’s life. It can make you feel like a target, completely isolated and unsure of those closest to you. However, during this difficult time, it’s incredibly important that you have someone on your side who will fight for your best interests and do everything they can to provide you the representation you deserve. Here are a few of the many ways in which these professionals can end up being one of your…

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Organising Parenting Orders When the Marriage Ends

The ugly truth is that a lot of marriages actually end in divorce, but you can make the whole situation a little easier on you and on your children if you and your partner can work things out together. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often. Many times, a marriage ends, and the two parties just aren’t able to agree on anything. That’s when you need someone else to step in and help you with resolving things like parenting orders. What Is Your Parenting Order? Your parenting order is going to…

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