Understanding the Facts Related to Workplace Retaliation

Most employees are unaware of laws and regulations which exist to safeguard them from the discrimination and harassment they might face at their workplace. However, most of them may not know that these laws also defend them from retaliation. Workplace retaliation occurs when an employee is demoted, fired or punished in anyway by their employer, just because they complain about their unfair work practices or illegal activities. Needless to say, the US law prohibits workplace retaliation but still, there are certain employers that promote a toxic work environment through unlawful…

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Personal Injury 

Can Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Deal with the Brain Injury Cases?

Dr. Tom Frieden, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, claims that the universal laws for wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle are certainly the most effective ones to reduce motorcycle related injuries. According to a research published by the CDC, helmets have saved around $2.8 billion injury costs in 2013, and an estimated of around 1,630 lives. Simply put, motorcycle accident injuries can be prevented. What Happens When You Do Not Wear a Helmet? The brain is perhaps the most precious organ in your body. Brain…

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