Six DUI Probation Rules You Should Never Ignore

Almost everyone who has been convicted of an aggravated DUI has also received probation. For police and other authorities, it is a desirable consequence because it gives individuals the opportunity to amend behavior, and provides them with an environment where officers can ensure a smooth transition from any jail time. If you have been given a probation sentence for a DUI, there are six probation rules that are crucial for you to follow in order to have a successful and productive probation period.

Fines and Fees

Aggravated DUI probation usually involves the payment of fines and fees. Often there are fees that are required to be payed at each drug testing. The smallest amount that you will end up paying for a DUI is approximately $4,500. This amount can go up depending on the severity of the offense. If you are not able to pay fines upfront, a payment plan extending through the probation period is usually put in place. Paying these fees is important because consistent and on-time payments demonstrate responsibility and a hardworking attitude.

Zero Alcohol While Driving

An individual on probation with a DUI cannot have any alcohol in their system while driving. It is possible that an ignition interlock device may be installed in your car as part of the terms. If this is the case, your car will not be able to start if you have any alcohol in your system. This is important to follow because it demonstrates your determination to avoid past mistakes.

Zero Drugs or Alcohol

In addition to the very strict rule of no alcohol while driving, the terms of probation for some may be for no drugs or alcohol to be in the system at all. In this case, random tests will be conducted. You may even be required to wear an ankle monitor that measures alcohol levels. This is incredibly important for you to follow because following it demonstrates that you do not have a problem with alcohol.

Not Committing Any Crimes

This rule seems to be a given, but it is a particularly important rule to follow. Committing any crimes, big or small, while on probation is a fatal mistake, and will result in additional charges as well as an extension of your probation. Even small citations can have a big effect on your probation.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Faithfully attending substance abuse counseling is crucial for your probation term. In addition to showing your officer your commitment to completing your term, it can be helpful for you personally to overcome any struggles that you may still have.

Community Service

Oftentimes, the terms of a probation will include the order to complete a certain amount of community service within a specific amount of time. Prioritizing community service is a must. Community service is a way to both demonstrate your hardworking attitude, and give back to the community that you may have hurts in the process of your DUI. It is also wonderful in giving you perspective, and helping others will give you a sense of wellbeing.

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