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Why the New Overtime Law Won’t Affect Young Millennial Workers

One of Obama administration’s last law is going to take effect on December 1, and it will affect over 4 million workers and thousands of companies in the country. The new overtime law stipulates that workers paid under $47,500 will be eligible for overtime pay when they spend more than 40 hours working in a week. The law is controversial, to say the least. Just recently, a federal judge voted to block the implementation of Obama’s new overtime law. This article will explain the new overtime law and will explore…

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Personal Injury 

The Compensation Experts available for Accident at Work Claims

Accidents and injuries are the happenings faced by people which happen at unexpected time. They may cause damage to your assets or it may cause injuries to your health. Most of the people do not know how to get compensation for their loss and they usually hesitate to contact a lawyer for claiming. Personal injury lawyers are the lawyers argue in the court for you to get your compensation benefits. The compensation experts are available in Canada for claiming all types of personal injuries such as Road traffic accidents, work…

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